What is Automobilia?

Automobilia is a portmanteau word combining ‘automobile’ and ‘memorabilia’. As such it can be defined as objects of memorabilia related to the automobile. Such objects are generally collected and traded by those with an interest in vintage and classic vehicles.   Collectors often seek out objects that are directly related to the particular make or […]

Diecast Car Collecting

  Chances are when you were a kid you had a few Corgi, Matchbox, Hotwheels or lesser known brand diecast cars scattered around your room (remember Majorette?), ready at any time for a quick lap of the rug or desktop. And chances are that over time your collection gradually disappeared via destruction (intentional or otherwise), […]

A French Vintage Car Adventure

The early days of motoring inspired many adventurous characters to test the limits of their new machines, often traversing landscapes that had never before witnessed mechanical transportation. One such person was Frenchman Ferdinand Francois Philippe Marie d’Orleans, Duke of Montpensier. A member of the House of Orleans, the Duke had the means to indulge in […]

License Plates

License plates, number plates, registration plates; whatever you call them they have been a ubiquitous element of motorcar and bike ownership since, well, the emergence of motorcars and bikes. First introduced in France in 1893 this regulated system rapidly spread throughout the world as both local and national government bodies rushed to keep track of […]