An original 1950s Chevrolet “Auto-Serv” tissue dispenser.

Optional accessories have long been a popular way of inexpensively enhancing the features of a base model automobile, especially in the U.S market.

Throughout the 1950s and 60s buyers could choose from a laundry list of both factory and dealer installed items, from detachable transistor AM radios and electric shavers to umbrella holders and glove compartment ladies make up kits.

The tissue dispenser featured above was produced by Kimberly Clark and designed to dispense the company’s most famous product, Kleenex tissues.

Attached under the dash the “Auto-Serv”, as it was branded, could be swung out to access the tissues.

This particular unit, bearing the Chevrolet bow tie emblem, was manufactured specifically for General Motors with others being offered by fellow automakers and fuel corporations.

By the late 1960’s the chromed metal box was replaced by smaller plastic options that could be installed in various locations withing the cabin.

Although not a particularly rare item, original early examples of the “Auto-Serv”are becoming increasingly desirable as a correct period detail for a comprehensive restoration project.